Who Published Hail

 The typesetting for Hail was done by a designer from 99Designs.com called Alison Davis. She did the artwork and layout for the book. I ended up changing the cover image and the photo accompanying An Homage to Beauty. The original image is what you see below. However, I wanted to not use a particular face Homage. She's a young, pretty model and I didn't want the concept of beauty to have the usual associations. Not with this poem. What you see on the digital versions on Kindle and OkadaBooks is the outcome of Alison's designs and my edit. 

The hard copy version was published in Nigeria by Sapient Hadassah’s Touch Limited which is led by Esther Dumbiri. Esther is an extremely engaging publisher who holds the hand of her authors all the way through the process. Thank you Esther and Alison for helping bring this to life.